Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Welcome to my blog! My name is Katherine a stay at home mom of two, and I have a new found LOVE of sewing & making handmade goodies. This Blog is where I will share my adventures in sewing and life if you will. Believe me everyday is an adventure for me as I am still a newbie at sewing. I have started a company doing just that. It is called Sevi Designs. I am very excited about this venture. I have been very interested in and have been dreaming about making purses/totes especially for a long time. But, had been slacking on the idea with no real motivation. It happens to the best of us!

Last year I had been reunited with a friend I had not seen since high school(I've known since elementary school). She had started to really get into quilting and shared the same enthusiasm in the bags/sewing I wished I had. Long story short she has given me the push I needed to move forward with this dream. So, Thank you Abbie! Your kick in the pants, and friendship will always be appreciated :)

I had not touched a sewing machine since....well....Junior High. But with a ton of reading and research. Along with a great friend who know all things sewing related., I have taught myself how to sew. I had no idea the extent to which I would LOVE it!! As a stay at home mother of small children I had lost sight of my likes/hobbies/dreams. So, it is so gratifying to now have something that I enjoy doing so much.

As I mentioned before I have started a business. When I say started i mean JUST started. The name is dedicated to my two children Devin(who we call Devi) & Sophia. Hopefully this will bring me some luck ;) My daughter is 2 and already tells my husband "Mommy's making a bag." She also loves to sort, and fold my remnant pieces of fabric. My son who is 4 always says "Oh mom your doing a great job!" My husband Jay (A Firefighter)has been pleasantly surprised as well. He keeps mentioning that he never knew I could be so domesticated. Along with being amazed the not too long ago I was unaware of how to use a sewing machine. Now I'm sewing like I've been doing so for years. Support is such an amazing gift one person can give to another. I have to say that I am very lucky!

Please feel free to check out my Etsy site :

I am done babbling at the moment. I am off to sew a wallet before nap time is officially over...YEA!

Check back as I will begin to share my personal adventures of sewing/family/pets, and misadventures. You can't have one without the other.

Till next time..Buy Handmade!