Friday, January 23, 2009

Come on play along...

Saw this here and thought it would be fun to play along.

Here are the rules: Bold the things you’ve done and post on your blog!

1. Started your own blog
2. Slept under the stars

3. Played in a band
4. Visited Hawaii
5. Watched a meteor shower
6. Given more than you can afford to charity
7. Been to Disneyland
8. Climbed a mountain
9. Held a praying mantis
10. Sang a solo -not in public, though!

11. Bungee jumped
12. Visited Paris-Well I visited the Paris Hotel in
13. Watched a lightning storm at sea.
14. Taught yourself an art from scratch
15. Adopted a child
16. Had food poisoning
17. Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty
18. Grown your own vegetables
19. Seen the Mona Lisa in France
20. Slept on an overnight train
21. Had a pillow fight
22. Hitch hiked
23. Taken a sick day when you’re not ill
24. Built a snow fort
25. Held a lamb
26. Gone skinny dipping
27. Run a Marathon
28. Ridden in a gondola in Venice
29. Seen a total eclipse
30. Watched a sunrise or sunset
31. Hit a home run

32. Been on a cruise
33. Seen Niagara Falls in person
34. Visited the birthplace of your ancestors
35. Seen an Amish community
36. Taught yourself a new language
37. Had enough money to be truly satisfied
38. Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person
39. Gone rock climbing
40. Seen Michelangelo’s David
41. Sung karaoke
42. Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt
43. Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant
44. Visited Africa
45. Walked on a beach by moonlight
46. Been transported in an ambulance
47. Had your portrait painted

48. Gone deep sea fishing
49. Seen the Sistine Chapel in person
50. Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
51. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling
52. Kissed in the rain
53. Played in the mud
54. Gone to a drive-in theater
55. Been in a movie

56. Visited the Great Wall of China
57. Started a business
58. Taken a martial arts class
59. Visited Russia
60. Served at a soup kitchen
61. Sold Girl Scout Cookies
62. Gone whale watching
63. Got flowers for no reason
64. Donated blood, platelets or plasma

65. Gone sky diving
66. Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp
67. Bounced a check
68. Flown in a helicopter
69. Saved a favorite childhood toy

70. Visited the Lincoln Memorial
71. Eaten Caviar
72. Pieced a quilt
73. Stood in Times Square
74. Toured the Everglades
75. Been fired from a job
76. Seen the Changing of the Guards in London
77. Broken a bone
78. Been on a speeding motorcycle

79. Seen the Grand Canyon in person
80. Published a book
81. Visited the Vatican
82. Bought a brand new car
83. Walked in Jerusalem
84. Had your picture in the newspaper
85. Kissed a stranger at midnight on New Year’s Eve
86. Visited the White House
87. Killed and prepared an animal for eating – fish. Just fish.
88. Had chickenpox
89. Saved someone’s life-Not someone but one of my dogs...twice..really!!
90. Sat on a jury
91. Met someone famous
92. Joined a book club
93. Lost a loved one
94. Had a baby
95. Seen the Alamo in person
96. Swam in the Great Salt Lake
97. Been involved in a law suit
98. Owned a cell phone
99. Been stung by a bee

Okay - who else wants to play?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PDF Pattern Recomendations...

Does anyone else love PDF patterns as much as I do? I love the fact that you pay for them and then you have the pattern in less than 24 hours. When you get them you save them , and print them out yourself. The only issue I have with some PDF's is that they have sooooo many pages. But I have been lucky enough to find my printer ink at a few thrift store's. Another option to check out is places like Kinkos, & Staples. They offer services where you can upload the pattern thru the web, and they will print it out for you for a fee...That way you aren't waisting your ink and paper. I have yet to try this method. I print as I need them.

Now to the good part. I am going to be listing a bunch of great Etsy shops you can purchase PDF patterns from. These are sellers I have purchased from, and the items I have purchased...OK...Let the linking begin :)

Keyka Lou-Sweetheart Shopper, City Tote, Pixie Handbag, Business Card Wallet, & Clutch
ithinksew-Not the most concise of patterns!! Simple and Easy Bag, Easy Pleats, Pleats Shoulder Bag, Sunglasses Case, Clutch, Three Pocuches, & Document bag
ithinksew aslo has a store for kid patterns, the link is HERE.
Precious Patterns-Curvy Clutch, Tote Bag, Cell Phone Cozie, & Rectangle Clutch
JennaLou-She has a few PDF's, I have her paper version of Fiona Handbag, and Girls Best Friend Wallet
Sweet Pea Totes-Simple Chic Handbag, & Handbag
Ditty Pop-Run Mama Run Bag
Hyperart-Quickie Clutch
Aivilo Charlotte-Key Chain Coin Purse
Artsy Crafty Babe-Lily Beth

Here are some great links for Doll PDF's:

Bit of Whimsy-I haven't purchased any of the PDF's YET! But they are ADORABLE!!!
Herbst-Dot Dolly..I do have this one :)

That's all I have for now as for the Etsy PDF's. Can you say instant gratification :)

Well I won't be blogging much in the next week or two possibly. My father is in the Hospital out in Vegas. He landed himself there New Years Eve with complete Liver failure :( Things apparently are not good. So I will be flying out to see him.

Hope to be back soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Stash

Today's Sunday Stash is dedicated to Sandi Henderson and her Ginger Blossom line. Oh how I love thee!! I had several other prints but they were used long ago. This is all I have left.

Just lovely, aren't they! I have joined 2 new swaps thru Swap-Bot. The first is an Owl stuffie swap. The other is a Foodie fabric swap. I think for the foodie swap my partner will be getting a 1/2 yard of 1 of these. Or maybe I will cut 2 fat quarters from 2 of them..?? Not sure yet. I am excited about making an owl stuffie. My partner has 2 kids so I will be making 2 instead of one :0) I have to say the only downfall with Swap-Bot is that you get points..which is fine. But, it is difficult to fing good swaps that accept newbies :^( Anyone else involved in a good swap, or know of a good resource for swapping let me know.

Well I have to ends this post now. My daughter is tugging on my arm, making it difficult to concentrate. Not to mention very hard to type...Enjoy your Sunday evening :0)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What a way to ring in the New Year...

First and foremost HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! I am so glad the 2008 has come and gone. Hopefully 2009 will be a better year than last. It was not a fun year, let me tell you! But I am going to start this year off on a positive foot. This morning I woke up to several emails. They were for 3 custom orders for purses, and wallets...woo-hoo!! The other was a question in regards to my Woodland Bloom bag I had for sale in my Etsy Store. Well, it sold!! Finally, I sell one of my bags on Etsy. This made my day :0) I have already begun making a few more items to list in my Etsy Store. I am hoping to stock it well....and to take WAY better pictures. I feel like the pictures I have taken do not do my items justice. So I will be working on learning how to take better pics. Hopefully at some point this year I will get a better camera, and a better sewing machine....hear that hubby?!!!

I have also opened an account over at Artfire. I want to give it a shot over there. With their free account option there are no selling fees, and you can sell up to 10 items at a time. It's worth a shot. There is also a to check out Artfire click HERE. It seems to be growing :0)

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

Today seems like it is going to be a sewing day. I have already cleaned, and everybody around here seems to be in relaxation mode. Devin and my hubby Jay are playing the Wii, together. It's so cute they are playing Lego Batman. Sophia is plating with ALL of her toys. She is the master of disaster. It amazes me how quickly she can turn the house upside down. But she's so darn cute!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! We sure will :0)