Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PDF Pattern Recomendations...

Does anyone else love PDF patterns as much as I do? I love the fact that you pay for them and then you have the pattern in less than 24 hours. When you get them you save them , and print them out yourself. The only issue I have with some PDF's is that they have sooooo many pages. But I have been lucky enough to find my printer ink at a few thrift store's. Another option to check out is places like Kinkos, & Staples. They offer services where you can upload the pattern thru the web, and they will print it out for you for a fee...That way you aren't waisting your ink and paper. I have yet to try this method. I print as I need them.

Now to the good part. I am going to be listing a bunch of great Etsy shops you can purchase PDF patterns from. These are sellers I have purchased from, and the items I have purchased...OK...Let the linking begin :)

Keyka Lou-Sweetheart Shopper, City Tote, Pixie Handbag, Business Card Wallet, & Clutch
ithinksew-Not the most concise of patterns!! Simple and Easy Bag, Easy Pleats, Pleats Shoulder Bag, Sunglasses Case, Clutch, Three Pocuches, & Document bag
ithinksew aslo has a store for kid patterns, the link is HERE.
Precious Patterns-Curvy Clutch, Tote Bag, Cell Phone Cozie, & Rectangle Clutch
JennaLou-She has a few PDF's, I have her paper version of Fiona Handbag, and Girls Best Friend Wallet
Sweet Pea Totes-Simple Chic Handbag, & Handbag
Ditty Pop-Run Mama Run Bag
Hyperart-Quickie Clutch
Aivilo Charlotte-Key Chain Coin Purse
Artsy Crafty Babe-Lily Beth

Here are some great links for Doll PDF's:

Bit of Whimsy-I haven't purchased any of the PDF's YET! But they are ADORABLE!!!
Herbst-Dot Dolly..I do have this one :)

That's all I have for now as for the Etsy PDF's. Can you say instant gratification :)

Well I won't be blogging much in the next week or two possibly. My father is in the Hospital out in Vegas. He landed himself there New Years Eve with complete Liver failure :( Things apparently are not good. So I will be flying out to see him.

Hope to be back soon.


Sharon said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your father! I'll pray for you and your family. That's good that you're going there to see him

And thanks for the links on the PDF patterns.

carrie said...

Prayers and well wishes to you. Safe travels, girl.

Tiff said...

I'm praying for your dad!Say hello to my dad while your there!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the list. I love Bit of Whimsy's patterns. There's another Etsy seller with doll PDF patterns that I haven't tried yet, but do want to : Bowls-n-Annies.
Hope you have a safe trip!

Angela said...

Thanks for the PDF list. Hope your father is better soon.

Katherine said...

Thank You!

Peggy said...

Thank you for these links and the head's up about Kinkos printing them. I may just give them a shot. Our printer is tempermental and tends to start going haywire printing random bits of its native planetary language on a ream of paper for revenge when tasked. I hope your dad heals quickly. It's hard when our children and/or our parents become ill.

Beth said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I'll think happy thoughts for him - Beth

Alexandria said...

I'm sorry about your father. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

Shannon said...

I am so sorry to read of your fathers health!

I came to your blog to let you know that I have a package (sitting here, ready to mail for over a month now) to be sent to you. I bought a postal scale and once I figure out click n ship... it will be on the way. Thank you so much for the lovely items you made me. The pin cushion is adorable!

Vickie said...

Sorry about your father, prayers and wishes.

Thanks for sharing the sites.

Anonymous said...

I hope your father is feeling better...he is in my prayers.

I love pdfs...I have more of them than regular patterns. Thanks for sharing your picks.

Katherine said...

Thank you all!!

Melissa said...

dont forget to add me to this list0 i have a ton of patterns! thank you!

heatherfeather022 said...

Thanks for this info, I love buying pdf patterns on etsy. I have bought many Bit of Whimsy and sell some dolls on etsy. I love making them

Genevieve said...

I've just started a blog with accessories patterns & tutorials here:
I have loads of ideas I want to add as soon as I get time. Keep an eye out!
Thanks, Gen

Jeanette said...

You should take a look at DIY Fluffies patterns, so freaking cute!