Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Scraps Swap & Giveaway

Who doesn't love a good swap?! Enter The Happy Scrap Swap hosted by Myself (Kat) Handmade-oholic, and Abbie at The Handmade Quilter. Keep reading for more info.

What: A swap of scraps from your scrap pile--please use scraps no smaller than a 4" square to your group partners. Each group will have 3 people in it. Fill two sandwich size Ziploc bags with as many scraps you can fit into it. Try to have the same equal amounts of scraps for your partners. Send yours scraps out along with a self-addressed envelope measuring 8" x 10"with 6, 42cent stamps on it.

In turn your partners should be sending you theirs as well with a self-addressed stamped envelope for you to mail their items to. When those arrive, mix it all up and create little gifts to make for your swap partners-2 in total, 1 for each partner out of the scraps you received. You should be left with scraps yourself and create yourself a gift! When: Sign up is now until November 3, 2008, your 1st package of scraps in the sandwich bag should be mailed out no later than November 15th. Have your 2nd package of your gift mailed out to your swap partners by December 13th. Where: Sign up is HERE. Click on the word "Here" to be directed to our sign-up sheet which will enter you in the swap. You will also find a link to sign-ups on my sidebar. Who: Anyone who signs up before November 3rd regardless of whether or not you have a blog, just be sure to provide your email address.

Any questions you may contact myself at or you may also contact Abbie through her blog at The Handmade Quilt-er. Both blogs have the same information, sign-ups can be placed on either blog.

Abbie and I will be sending out your swap partners by the 7th of November with their information. Please be sure to write the deadline dates down as we really want to make sure everyone receives their gifts before Christmas. The deadlines again are:

Sign-ups Until Nov.3rd

Partners will be Given Nov. 7th

Ship Scraps out by Nov. 15th

Mail Created Gifts by Dec. 13th

Keep checking back at either blog as we will be posting several ideas to make using the scraps you receive. If you know of some, please kindly leave a comment and share with the group.


Place this button on your sidebar with a link to the swap and leave a comment on my blog and you will be entered in a giveaway.

I am also having a giveaway and you are certainly welcome to enter in both. The Give Away Prize is this bag & matching wallet. I made this same bag as a B-day Gift. I am now making a revised(better) version as a Giveaway Prize!!!

Abbie will also be making a bag and wallet to send out along with some fabric goodies and a quilting/sewing book. So if you're interested in our swap please sign in by clicking on my sidebar button, to enter the giveaway place the button on your sidebar and leave a comment on my blog!

This will be soo much fun and I look forward to seeing the fantastic items that come out of this! Help us by spreading the word! The more people that enter the more fun it will be!

Things to be done!!

There are a few sewing projects I'd like to get to around here. The main one being my ironing board. I REALLY need to re-vamp the cover. It's sooo Funky, and past the point of no return. See what I mean...YUCK!! That's what you call a sewing 911.

Here are a few Tutorials I am planning to getting to this week. My Girlfriend Abbie showed me her Tissue Holder cover, which was adorable....So I am going to "Whip Up" a few(I know I'm a dork). I also want to make some Crayon rolls, which are so cute! And some Makeup Cases. I also have some bags the need finishing (as always), and some that need beginning :) I also have several people I'd like to make a Coffee Cup Cozy, and Fabric Book Marks. The last item I am going to give a whirl is "Wendy the Bird" by Lolly from LollyChops Blog. I love this blog!!!

That should keep me busy..It's ONLY six different tutorials(times ? cause I'll be making a few of each item). Take a look at the links :) If you haven't made any of these things you should try them out too!! I just love free tutorials...I'm always on the hunt for new ones. Maybe one day I will have a few of my own to post. ;^)

Time for me to get some sleep..Goodnight all of those in blogger-land....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

In a Sew Good Mood!!

So I have completed a few projects over the weekend. I wanted to share :) The picture below shows everything cut and ready to go...I love these prints from Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market.

This is a cute pattern I found on Etsy. There are several issues I will be relaying to the Author of the pattern(this is why I am not adding a link...yet). But other wise it came out cute. It was easy to make, and didn't take a lot of fabric. I will make it again, but my own version with my revisions. Maybe next time I will quilt it ..but my way!

Here is the finished bag. It's cute as can be, isnt't it?! It was supposed to be quilted, but I omitted that step. I also made a covered button to match :) Again I LOVE this fabric....the combo is stunning.

I also made a matching wallet to go with the bag. I made these items as a gift for my neighbors 12th B-day.

Another bag I have finished is the a Pleated tote bag. It was made with Amy Butler's Cherry Blossom, and wallflower pattern fabrics. I think I am going to have to rip out the top stitching and redo it again cause it really came out crummy. I can always count on my trustee seam ripper. Who knew, I am so very dependent on that little baby ;>) Sorry, the picture sucks!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Frugal Mom's Blog Giveaway "Friday"

Frugal Moms Blog is having a giveaway yet again....Can you believe it?! Today you are ellagible to win the following:

1. A $100.00 gift certificate to

2. The Dotty Blossom Bag from Artsy-crafty Babe

Post it on your own blog and you gain 2 entries.

Check it out HERE! Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Frugal Moms Blog Giveaway "Thursday"

WOW!!!! Frugal Moms Blog is having a giveaway. Who doesn't want to participate in a giveaway?! I know I'm game for them......Check it out by clicking on the logo above.

You could win:
  1. 2 Friends Ribbon Gifts is giving away the cutest Personalized Travel Mug I have ever seen!!
  2. A gorgeous Rose that is trimmed with 24 k gold from
  3. $75.00 gift certificate from Target!
This is Thursdays Giveaway...Enter to win on Friday for their Grand Prize Giveaway!!!!!

Zipper Mishap....

So I found a Tutorial for a cute zippered pouch. I am not very experienced with zippers yet, but this pattern made me feel confident doing one. The instructions and pictures were very clear(so I thought). Well it came out cute...even though I tweaked it just a lil' bit. The only issue is the the zipper's opening is on the wrong side :(

This is the backside....
I should have quilted the individual squares.....Next time!

See what I mean about the zipper.... It should be the other way, from left to right. Not right to left...UGH!!!

Next time I'll get it right, and I will make a second tab as the pattern called for.

Plus I bought some Muslin, and will make one a little more similar to the original Tutorial. If you want to check the tutorial out click HERE.

I guess this is my new makeup case ;)

When my daughter isn't playing with it, that is . She thinks I made it for her. Little Stinker!!

Here she is....Miss Sophia or Fia as we call her.
In the first pic: Fia dressed herself that day....and she matches perfectly...too funny! As for what she's doing..?? Your guess is as good as mine..Stevie Wonder?!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sew Craft Blog!!

I have just found this great blog called Sew Craft Blog. Thank you Keri for the excellent idea of getting crafty peeps of all sorts together in one place. When you join you are placed in groups..I am in group #1 yeah!! Then you post the Sew Craft Blog button on your sidebar. After that you add the blogs of those in your particular group to your blog list. All you have to do is heck in with your blog-mates once a week and post a comment. Not much skin off my teeth as I love to read the different blogs out there. If you are crafty and have a blog of your own you should definitely check Sew Craft Blog out.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Marketing Idea!

Happy Saturday Everyone!! So as I mentioned before, I am process of starting a business. I could not have picked a worse time to do so...Lol. I really need to get more product added to my sites.....but, sometimes finding the time to sew is very limited. Especially lately as my husband has been doing a lot of studying and test taking for promotions in the Fire Department :) Understandable his work comes before my sewing :( Anyway, I have been trying to think of more ways to market myself. If anyone has any ideas please leave me a comment. I am going to leave my business cards in local stores that have community bulletin boards. I didn't want to just pin my card up so I made a little card holder(see picture). I took some card stock I had from an earlier project, cut a slot for the business cards, and attached them to business post cards I had ordered. Then I placed stickers on to spell out "Take One". I think this will be much more eye catching than just pinning several business cards to a bulletin board. What do you think? Feedback, suggestions, and advise is always welcome. I just want to have a successful business at some point. But I know it takes time. It also takes patience(which I do not have much patience AT ALL).

Oh I almost forgot to mention that I have added some Tutorials I'd like to try in the side bar. They are offered by some great sites, check them out if you haven't already seen them. I am in the process of making a few thing of my own, and will be making tutorials for them at some point. Well, hopefully I will be able to get a project or two in today. If not my husband is off tomorrow and I will definitely get something done then! Til next time, Sew, sew, bake(Muffins for the kiddies), and sew!! Also don't forget to enjoy your weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2008


I have just entered my first swap called Spare Change. Thanks to Juliette at Chickpea Studio!
Just send in 24 5x5" quilt squares of your choice(the good stuff), 3-4 stamps, and a self addressed envelope. By the end of November you will receive your package of goodies which will contain 24 very different 5x5" quilt squares. I'm very excited. The squares I am sending are Amy Butler, Valori Wells, MODA, and Heather Bailey. I have taken a pic of the package which I am sending out today!

HERE is the link if your interested.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Spring Up" Quilt Giveaway!!

OHHH!! I am so excited to enter and try to win this beautiful quilt over at Pigtails and Snails Blog. It's a Lizzy Anne Original and it is called "Spring Up". I love the Brown and yellow combo of colors. It's just so Purdy! To take a look click on the "Win this quilt" Link on the sidebar. You have until 7 pm tomorrow Oct. 17th to enter yourself :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Handmade Holiday's and Birthdays with a recycled twist!!

I have decided that this year since I have taken the "Handmade Pledge" most gifts will be handmade. Some will be recycled items, like toys for my kids.
I made my sister's birthday present this year. Her B-day was in June and I made her the "Flea Market Bag" By Grand Revival, which is reversible
. For fabric I used Amy Butler, it is so cute!! I also made a matching "Removable Purse Pocket." Apparently she has received a ton of compliments on it. That makes me feel awesome of course!!

Anyway, My step mother has a Birthday coming up. She is a professional Ice Skater. She actually skated for the Ice Capades...a LOOONNNGGG time ago(she was Papa Smurf at one point). Well, I am making her a tote with Michael Miller's Holiday Skater fabric, combined with a solid black fabric. I don't want it to be to Christmas like. She now teaches Ice Skating lessons to kids, and I wanted to make something she can utilize on a daily basis. I haven't even made it yet and can't wait to give it to her. I think today is a good day to start. But once I finish I'll want to send it to her and her B-day isn't till Nov 5th.
Speaking of gifts, this is my scrap pile which will turn into X-mas gifts of sorts. Wallets, cosmetic bags, sachets, change purses, bookmarks, glasses cases, lavender eye pillows, and whatever else I can think of......
My husband is home and I have already got my cleaning done. It's SEW time people!!

Thrifty Little Finds :)

I just had to share the cute little yard sale find I got. For .50 cents I got these cute little Brighton Bag Bookmarks! There were 3, but with small children sometimes it is imposable to not end up with MISSING items :( At least I was able to hang on to these 2(for now, lol...) Now I can mark my book pages with a little added style!

Here is a picture of a table that I saw driving past a recycling center. I made my husband(Jay) turn around so I could get it. It is U.G.L.Y!! Jay painted the legs white, and I made a little cover to go on top(Not my best work but do-able). I also placed a basket underneath for DVD/VHS Tapes. Now we have a TV table for my kids play room/My sewing room. (Yes, we need to finish placing base boarding in this room).

Sunday, October 5, 2008

This morning I look outside, and this is what I see....

This morning I was cleaning my living room, while taking sips of my coffee here and there. I walked by my sliding glass door that looks out on my deck, and I see my dog sitting on top of a deck side table. He is usually trying to chew on it(If you can see the corners you can tell). I thought it was funny, so I wanted to share. Doesn't he look like a statue? Boxers are a comical breed, one in their own. I just checked and he's been officially sitting like that for 15 minutes, what a weirdo!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A few completed projects!

I have really been slacking on my sewing lately. I have so many things I want to make, but not enough time in the day to do so.....not much time at all. My little ones keep my mighty busy!
I have however found the time to complete a few of the many projects I have started. I like to have several projects going at once. What can I say I get bored easily, and this helps keep things interesting.

The first Goodie is a cute handbag called "Fiona" by Jenna Lou. I kind of made my own version of this bag. It was made using Valori Wells, Olive Rise fabric. Ohhhh-la la, It is ADORABLE!
The pattern can be found and purchased by clicking HERE!

Next I have finished a cute business card wallet. I have decided to use it as a regular wallet. I used Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom fabric. It features two simple slot pockets(One on each side), and I added a magnetic snap closure. Simple and sweet. I found, and purchased this PDF Pattern off of Etsy. Click HERE!

Here's a simple Pin Cushion. I used purple paisley, and pin/purple dot fabric. This is Heather Bailey's Square Deal pattern. Interested in the free PDF? Click HERE!

!I have also taken photos of some of my fabric stash. It's not a big one, but I prefer it that way. Though I have to admit I have been bitten by the fabric bug. Those of you that sew know what I'm talking about. Take a look at my faves:

Heather Bailey of course!! I LOVE Pop Garden :)

Amy Butler's NEW Daisy Chain!!

Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market!!

Just a few of the MANY fabric I love. They are just so pretty. If you haven't figured it out I like bold colors. The bolder and brighter, the better.

I have another Fiona Handbag cut and ready to go. Along with Grand Revival's Flea Market Tote. I also need to add a snap closure to the other Business card wallet I've just made. That said, I'm off to finish those babies, and then most likely start some more.