Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thrifty Little Finds :)

I just had to share the cute little yard sale find I got. For .50 cents I got these cute little Brighton Bag Bookmarks! There were 3, but with small children sometimes it is imposable to not end up with MISSING items :( At least I was able to hang on to these 2(for now, lol...) Now I can mark my book pages with a little added style!

Here is a picture of a table that I saw driving past a recycling center. I made my husband(Jay) turn around so I could get it. It is U.G.L.Y!! Jay painted the legs white, and I made a little cover to go on top(Not my best work but do-able). I also placed a basket underneath for DVD/VHS Tapes. Now we have a TV table for my kids play room/My sewing room. (Yes, we need to finish placing base boarding in this room).

1 comment:

happy zombie said...

I love what you did for your tv table! (And love your bama-bling too ;o)

I would have never thought to put a "top" on a table skirt, so very clever of you. Your great idea has my eyes scanning my house looking for something that needs to be skirted. Thanks for sharing!