Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Handmade Holiday's and Birthdays with a recycled twist!!

I have decided that this year since I have taken the "Handmade Pledge" most gifts will be handmade. Some will be recycled items, like toys for my kids.
I made my sister's birthday present this year. Her B-day was in June and I made her the "Flea Market Bag" By Grand Revival, which is reversible
. For fabric I used Amy Butler, it is so cute!! I also made a matching "Removable Purse Pocket." Apparently she has received a ton of compliments on it. That makes me feel awesome of course!!

Anyway, My step mother has a Birthday coming up. She is a professional Ice Skater. She actually skated for the Ice Capades...a LOOONNNGGG time ago(she was Papa Smurf at one point). Well, I am making her a tote with Michael Miller's Holiday Skater fabric, combined with a solid black fabric. I don't want it to be to Christmas like. She now teaches Ice Skating lessons to kids, and I wanted to make something she can utilize on a daily basis. I haven't even made it yet and can't wait to give it to her. I think today is a good day to start. But once I finish I'll want to send it to her and her B-day isn't till Nov 5th.
Speaking of gifts, this is my scrap pile which will turn into X-mas gifts of sorts. Wallets, cosmetic bags, sachets, change purses, bookmarks, glasses cases, lavender eye pillows, and whatever else I can think of......
My husband is home and I have already got my cleaning done. It's SEW time people!!

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Tonje said...

Your sister sure is a lucky gal to get this lovely bag. Looking forward to seeing the ice skating bag.