Thursday, October 23, 2008

Zipper Mishap....

So I found a Tutorial for a cute zippered pouch. I am not very experienced with zippers yet, but this pattern made me feel confident doing one. The instructions and pictures were very clear(so I thought). Well it came out cute...even though I tweaked it just a lil' bit. The only issue is the the zipper's opening is on the wrong side :(

This is the backside....
I should have quilted the individual squares.....Next time!

See what I mean about the zipper.... It should be the other way, from left to right. Not right to left...UGH!!!

Next time I'll get it right, and I will make a second tab as the pattern called for.

Plus I bought some Muslin, and will make one a little more similar to the original Tutorial. If you want to check the tutorial out click HERE.

I guess this is my new makeup case ;)

When my daughter isn't playing with it, that is . She thinks I made it for her. Little Stinker!!

Here she is....Miss Sophia or Fia as we call her.
In the first pic: Fia dressed herself that day....and she matches perfectly...too funny! As for what she's doing..?? Your guess is as good as mine..Stevie Wonder?!

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Abbie Simpelo-Dyer said...

she's cuckoo in the head folks....i saw it and it was perfectly fine. i like my zippers going from right to left :)