Saturday, December 20, 2008

Handmade X-mas Gifts Galore!!

There are very few days till Christmas as we all know. I have been so focused on Swap items, and orders I have really neglected my list of Handmade X-mas gifts. Now I am kicking it into high gear and sewing...sewing...and sewing some more. All orders have completed have been received by the those that have placed their orders. I am so pleased that they love all of the goodies I have made. Whew!! I try to make everything perfect, but still worry that they will hate what I made. But they didn't!! Here is a recap of recent items I made :0)

From L-R clockwise: Amy Butler Birdie Sling with Heather Bailey Fabrics; Small Handbag with Amy Butler Fabrics; Sandi Henderson Market Bag(boxy version) with HB Fabrics; and another Small Handbag with HB Fabrics.

Ohh and look what I got for my B-day! Aren't they Beautimus?!! Hopefully I won't kill them.

Now back to the purses and patterns. I love the Birdie sling by Amy Butler. I have read before that it is a large bag. I have to say I was still suprised to see how HUGE it really is. It also has 2 pockets on the inside...I love pockets. I am happy with how my work came out. Just as I am happy with how my Sandi Henderson Market Bag turned out. Again anothe good sized bag w/pockets :0) It was my first time using both patterns. I am always apprehensive the first time doing anything. But the instructions on both patters were great. The Birdie Sling is just A LOT of cutting...lots of pieces. But once you piece it and start sewing it's a breeze. It also called for more fabric then I have some left over for some smaller projects. I am going to have to do a post at some point dedicated to pattern reviews, hmmm....definetly!

Anyhoo, I have some sewing to get started, and finished. As well as some baking to get done. I am baking some goodies for my neighbors, and family members for X-mas. I live in a Cul-d-sac, so all 5 neighbors will ne getting Peppermint Marshmallows, Brownied, and a for Recipe Cards for Homemade Hot Chocolate, and such. Wish me luck (Wink) I'm going to need it due to there being so many hours in a day, and 4 days to do it all in. I'll leave you with a project sone by my hubby. He is from the Philippines. In the Philippines the have something called a Parol. It is a star shapped lantern that is put up around X-mas time. Well, he found some bamboo and made this star......

Then he found some holiday Cellophane type paper and it cam out like this....

Not bad huh?! He is quite crafty. I've caught him messing with my sewing machine...who knew!
Now I am off to make my handmade gifts. I'll post my Sunday Stash later this evening.


Amber said...

The bags all look amazing. I'm making a Birdie Sling for my sister-in-law. Nice to know it goes together easy!
All your gift recipients will be very happy - they look wonderful!

YayaOrchid said...

Great job on those tote bags! The fabric is great and very trendy. They'd make great sellers!

You're really in high gear with all your projects and baking as well. I really like the way the parol turned out, so very colorful and Christmas-y.