Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Stash

Wow, these weeks are just flying by. Here is my Sunday Stash again, so least it feels like it is too soon. Here are this weeks choices, I can never pick just one to share :0)

All are Amy Butler fabrics from her Daisey Chain Line. The color is Rose. It looks purplish-pink to me. Two of these beautiful fabrics have already been cut and are going to be several Christmas gifts for my sister. She picked purple as her color...this is as close as I had to purple in my stash. I am making her this bag, and this, and this too. I think it's a nice little set. I will post pics when I am done. Hopefully tomorrow mid morning :0) I still have more gifts to sew and my baking to begin. Hubby will be home tomorrow so he can help...with the kids and baking. He can't however help with the sewing because he is banned from using my sewing machine(s). Yes, machines I have 2 of them. Nor can he uses my scissors...I caught that punk trying to cut paper with my fabric scissors. As you can imagine I had to lay down the law about MY STUFF!! Just like with the kids my hubby was scolded and told to NEVER, EVER touch my sewing stuff again!
I gave him a pair of his own scissors, and if something needs sewn he needs to let me know and I will do it. Control issues, what? Who me? Never! (hahahaha) Ok maybe I am a little bit of a control freak. It is what it is. :0)


juanita martin said...

I have been following your blog for just a week or two now and its great.... but I was just going to say I know what you mean about the scissors.. my hubby has gotten his instructions too... lol but I have taught him how to sew but I am looking over his shoulder the entire time. well take care and happy holidays.

Tiff said...

I love daisy chain. I just gave some away in blue!I can't wait to see those gift. I'm the same way with my sewing stuff. My kids and dh were threatened. LOL!

Staci said...

Oh I have always loved Daisy Chain but never actually got any. I need to seek some out and order a few pieces after Christmas. Love the pink colorway.