Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Stash

The fabric I am sharing today is not the fabric I wanted to share. My camera is on the Fritz :0(
Oh well, there's always next week right? Today's pick is a very nice fabric...the picture is not the nicest..sorry! I have chosen to share Urban Chicks fabric, the line is 1974. I love this fabric!! I am actually in the process of making my first quilt using this particular jelly roll and charm pack. Since Christmas is over, I can now focus on my quilt. I can't wait!!

Here are some links to see the rest of the fabrics included in this charm pack, and jelly roll.

I am going to go finish being lazy today. I am exhausted due to the holidays..whew! Thank goodness Christmas is over. All I have to do to get ready for New Year's is pick which mixed drink I'd like to have :0) Which I have already done...Smirnoff and Cran-apple juice..mmmm.
The kids will be off to bed early and my hubby and I will have a mild celebration. I may or may not post again before then. If not Have a safe and Happy New Years!!


Beth said...

I too am excited the holidays are over and I can now focus on 'me' things. Love that fabric. I've never purchased a jelly roll - do you like it? Do you feel like you're cheating for not 'cutting' the fabric?

Katherine said...

I love the fact that I am not having to do more cutting..It's great :0) Jelly rolls and charm packs are great!

salma said...

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