Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!

Hello fellow Bloggers :0) I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Turkey Day!! Enjoy your day with the company of family, friends, and pets(if you have them). I just love the holiday season. As great as it is, it is also a time in which we think of those who are no longer with us. My step-father, the man who raised me passed suddenly on Father's Day 2007. This time of year is still hard for our family because he is no longer with us. But, I am thankful for the fact that our relationship was somewhat mended before he passed. That I got to see him try and become a better father, husband, grandfather, and man in general. Sometimes we are not the best of people, nor do we make the best decisions. What matters is if we strive to be a better person, and strive to do the right thing in the end. I feel like I saw this change in my dad...I am thankful that I can remember that side of him. I am also thankful for my husband, and children. My son has severe food and allergies, eczema, and asthma. These factors land him in the hospital 1-2 times a year. I am thankful that these issues are nothing more, as it could be worse...Aside from his constant itchiness he is a wonderful, fun loving, sweet little boy.
I am thankful for my daughter being a happy, funny, healthy little girl. I do wish however that she would sleep in her own bed, and quit nursing completely(she's 2-1/2).
I am also thankful for my husband and myself being happy and healthy. That we still Love each other even though we have seen some really hard times together. We are still together and work very hard to stay that way. Let's face it not all relationships are a cake walk, and all take lots of work and effort.

OK that is what I am thankful for..sorry for anything remotely depressing. I am very thankful for each and every day I am here. As everyone else should be too. Again Happy Turkey Day!! Enjoy and eats lots of good food!!

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alanajo said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

I agree. No relationship is a cake walk.