Sunday, November 30, 2008

Silly Kids!!

I don't know about you but my kids are a constant source of amusement. Some of these things amuse me and not others..this may be one of those situations. I will share anyways. My daughter Sophia slid a mailing box over her head a few weeks ago and walked up to my husband telling him "I robot, I robot", in a robotic voice. He decided to cut arm holes for her. Last night she walked up to me and was wearing this saying "I robot, I robot". She really has a great sense of humor silly. She is a mini me, as I am easily amused :0) Pleas excuse the mess in the background, she is "The master of disaster" as we call her. That is actually a nickname my uncles gave me when I was!

This morning she put on this plastic pitcher as a had and proceeded to tell me that she was an astronaut, then ran away screaming "Blast off!!!!!".

My sweet Devi wanted in on the picture taking..he's such a sweetie. He too has many comical moments. Most of which need to be recorded by video. He is always singing and dancing. The kid has a million favorite songs. Just when I am getting frustrated he has a habit of saying something hilarious...Gosh, I love my kids! They have great personalities.

Just so you know I try not to take too many pics of Devi. He has several bald spots in his hair caused by intense scratching from his Eczema. We've been waiting about a year for it to grow back :( Hopefully it will soon. It's been a SLOW process.

Thanks for letting me share my silly kiddos with you. Believe me there will be more!


Sharon said...

Adorable. Kids have such wonderful imaginations and yes, they are so much fun to watch. Don't you wonder sometimes where they come up with their ideas? :-)

YayaOrchid said...

Your babies are gorgeous! And yes, they really are a constant source of amusement, aren't they?

Beth said...

They are so cute. I love that kids love cardboard boxes. They really can make just about anything out of one! Beth

Little Birdie Secrets said...

What cuties! And what LUCKY cuties! You just won the Little Birdie Secrets Stinks Good Playdough set! Congrats! We'll send you an e-mail, too. Just wanted to spread the word that you're our lucky winner!

The Three Birdies

Deanna said...

What cuties!!

Anne said...

How funny and cute - thanks for sharing!