Friday, November 28, 2008

Sewing Supply Raid!!

Yesterday I spent the day with my in laws. My mother in law is a avid seamstress. She is also the yard sale queen. That said she has tons and tons of fabric and other sewing supplies. Now when we go over there I come home with free goodies :0) Above was a fitting Thanksgiving day find. Don't ya think? It's fleece with Indian print. I thought it would be perfect for a little boys coloring's big enough for 3 of them. Can you say craft fair?

Next were the zippers I took a handful of them in several colors. I love free stuff :0)

Embroidery thread, and some bobbins. You can never have enough bobbins. Look at the pretty colors...ooohhhhh!!

Here is some Ric-rac. I am making some ornaments for my up coming craft fair and needed Ric-rac. Needless to say I was very excited about this find.

Lastly, Bias tape and Boutache Braid. I also raided her fabric room...yes a full room dedicated to her fabric stash, and had a stack of fabric to bring home which I forgot. Who forgets to bring fabric home?? Sheesh! I also had a stack from the previous visit sitting right next to it because I forgot the last time too... Really I'll be honest I feel kind of bad taking her stuff. Even though she's all about it and doesn't mind. I don't know I just feel like I am taking advantage. I do not want her to feel that way as well.

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