Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scraps Galore!!

I have received some scraps form my Happy Scrap Swap Partners. Oh what to make, what to make!! I had so many ideas I'm drawing a blank. I'd like to make something useful for my partners. Not just something that they will put aside and never think twice about. Any ideas? There is a mix of more modern bright fabrics, and others with a more vintage feel. I'm not quite sure how to tie them together. Here are some of the ideas I have tossed around....Bookmarks, magenents, tissue cozy, coffee cup cozy. The decision is that much harder due to the fact that I am making something for a complete stranger. I have no clue what they like, or don't for that mater. Any and every idea is greatly appreciated..Thanks!

In the meantime check out my glorious scrap pile :0)

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