Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Stash!!

It's Sunday again already. That means it's the day to share a little bit of my fabric stash :0) Today I chose a few fabrics that won't be in my stash for much longer. I will be making Market Tote bags out of them. I found the tutorial over at Film in the Fridge's blog. HERE is the link to the Market Tote Tutorial. Now for the fabrics.......

From Left to right: Green Floral print I picked up a bit ago at Joann's Fabric, Heather Bailey's Dotted Paisley in Peach(the first 2 will be paired together), Heather Bailey's Large Peonies, and again Heather Bailey fabric called Peonies in pink. I will pair the last two with a pink linen like fabric. I will post again with a finished product!

I have to say Heather Bailey is my fave, well one of the top 5. Can you tell by my stash post?! I am very drawn to bright fun colors. Heather Bailey's fabrics definitely fit the build :0)

Anyhow, it happens to be a rainy Sunday here.....Perfect day to sew and get thing done around the house. I have a week to fully prepare for my first craft fair. I have a ton of tissue covers made, totes cut and needing sewn, and a bunch of other items I'd like to get done. I already have a variety of purses sewn up, I just need to slip stitch their linings closed. Here are 12 of the 20 tissue covers. I will be giving some away as X-mas gifts. You can find links to make these HERE and HERE. Super easy project. I got the tissues at the Dollar Tree, Pack of 6 for $1.00. Thanks to Abbie telling me about them :0)

I have however finished my first order and wanted to share the final product. Here are 4 of the 25 change purses I made.

I have a second order from my step mom which includes 6 tote bags with the vintage skater print. I have completed 2...well I still have to top stitch them. I had to order more of that particular fabric. It arrived Friday, so now I can complete them all. Take a peak!

I used a Moda Tote bag pattern I got from a quit show. It was $2.50. It is also the first pattern I had ever sewn. I did tweak it a little. The handles were just sewn onto the lining at the end and you could see the stitched box with X on the outer part of the bag. I did not like that too much so I hid the end of the handles. It looks so much nicer. This is a good sized tote too. I lengthened the handles per my Step mom's request.

OK apparently I have a ton to get done so I am off to the sewing machine. I will post again with some finished goodies to share with you all. Enjoy your Sunday!!


Heather said...

You have been unbelieveably busy. Wow--such pretty fabrics and you had time to make and shar ea tutorial. You rock! Thank you. Heather

lissa said...

Wow! It is so much easier to go ahead and make multiples of an item all at one time, isn't it. I love your music on your blog also, it makes me want to get up and dance.