Saturday, November 8, 2008

Show and Tell!!

I just wanted to share my step-mom's finished bag. She has already received it, and taken it to work with her. I was told it was a hit at the Ice Skating Rink she teaches at. She also asked me to make 25 change purses for her students for X-mas gifts....YAY!! She is my first custom order..woo-hoo!! Everybody has to start somewhere, right?

I have another fun Ice Skater print in red. I also ordered green, and yellow. These will be perfect for the change purses! I think that print is more fun for kids :0) I better get started with the print I do have.

I also have a ton of sewing to do to prepare for my first Craft Fair. My friend Abbie asked if I wanted to participate with her, my response is "Of Course!!" I'm really excited. So I have until Dec. 6th to get a lot done. Not to mention I need to get some more inventory in my Etsy Shop. I have had a total of ONE sale over there...and it was for a charm pack I was selling to De-stash a little. My stash really is not that big, but is sufficient for me. I have had to have a lot of self control and not keep purchasing fabric.....The hubby had a bit of a fit when he realized I was acquiring package after package of fabric in the mail..Oops!! So I have agreed to not buy anymore unless I need it for a custom order, or I have sold Items I have made with what I have already. Man, husbands can be a bummer sometimes..Can't live with em', can't live without em'!

Here is a picture of some smaller scrap pieces:

Here are some vintage fabrics:

Here are my beloved Magazines:

And an explosion on my Dining table:

Ok I'm going to get my butt into gear and sew till I can't sew no more!! Have a good weekend :0)


annamae said...

ooo lovely fabrics! And how fun to do a craft fair! good luck!
I love the bag you made your step mom, the fabric is darling!

Tonya said...

I love the bag! So cute! I can't wait to get my sewing machine out, but I'm still completing card orders...maybe I'll get to it this week! Have fun sewing!

Abbie said...

Good job with the bag! it really turned out nice with that polka dot you added there instead of sticking with boring black!!

Tamara said...

Hello there, I found you via twitter...just stopped by to say hi...I think you need to join the 'Sunday Stash' that I am hosting judging by this stash you have...I want to see more....Love Txo

Kavelizard said...

Love the stash of fabric. I just wanted to let you know you have been tagged. I hope it gives you some publicity! Later Cheryl

Keri said...

*very* cute skater bag! So inspiring!

Katherine said...

Thanks everyone, I appreciate all your kind words :)